Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yet another dupet alert: Kate Spade lookalike at Target

So I see that very quickly this blog is becoming a "spotted for less" adventure, and I don't like it. But I can't seem to stop noticing lesser priced alternatives anywhere I go (whoever said originality is dead may be a genius), and it seems worthwhile to share them with whomever it is that lays eyes on this humble blog. However, this one deserves a pat on the back. Let me tell you why:
The other day as I was shopping for cotton balls, I walked past the accessories an handbags aile and squealed. There it was: An almost exact dupe of the Kate Spade Portola Valley Quin that I have coveted as a laptop bag. For $370 less, no less (no pun intended here). Exhibit A:
Kate Spade Portola Valley Quinn ($495?)

Target Ostrich Tote - $29.95
I also saw an EXACT dupe of the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Leslie in the same aisle, but could not find a picture online, and silly me, I did not take any at the store. I believe it was also priced $29.95. Granted, these Target dupes are faux leather, so they may be a good option for vegans. So one could look at this two ways: a nod to Kate Spade, or an opportunity to get a similar style for less. You decide.

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